frater sdfkt


aka superdefekt


Dec 30 :JUST IN T1M3 4 TH33 WINT3R SOLSTICE:: {...} .M0RNING M4N14C MU54cK FR0M TH33 D4RK AGe5. .5LICK GRACeS 4 a N3W D4WN. {...} ::FIL3 UND3R PARAII3I W0RLD MUZ1K:: {...} .eNJ0Y. :all music produced by superdefekt & sdfkt. in 2019 @ HH.th3leh0m3 :inspired by music, movi...Read more

Dec 25

today no mfoc. online BUT mfoc.realtime start: 22:00 @ #goldenpudelclub #hamburg DJs : Raf & sdfkt. B.there /or/ be SQUARe

:: musical informatiker and dancefloor dictator since 1993 ::
:: popcultural sophisticator since puberty ::
:: 1 1/2 of hamburgs MFOC team since forever :: 
:: Golden Pudel Club resident for nearly 30 years :: 
:: pandemic stream selector since thee outbreak ::
 :: nightclubbing since thee 80s :: 
:: doing music in text for de-bug, groove magazin, localizer 1.0, fachblatt für synapsenmassage, ::
:: playing games with words for gee, rolling stone, musikexpress ::
:: walking on stages with Andreas Dorau for some time ::



live during a pandemic is not easy, especially if you work in the entertainment/clubbing business.
So if you would like to support your favourite DJ you can use the links below.
Thanks a lot in advance, sdfkt.





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